What We Sell

New and Used Car Books
Marque Histories
Racing Driver Biographies
Grand Prix and Road Racing Books
Motoring Annuals including Autocourse, Automobile Year and World Cars
Rallying and Record Breaking Books


Technical Literature
Original Drivers’ Handbooks
Factory Workshop Manuals and Parts Books
Haynes Manuals and Restoration Books


Car Sales Brochures and Publicity Material
We have a large range of post 1948 car brochures. If you are looking for a specific brochure for your car or you are a brochure collector please contact us.


 Road Test and Articles
We have a huge cuttings library supplying original road tests and articles trimmed from motoring magazines.

Car Magazines
We try to carry back copies of many of the UK published magazines e.g. Autocar, Motor, Car, Motor Sport and various Classic Car Magazines.